Are you looking for specialist UK property investment consultancy? Do you demand strong capital growth and/or high yields? If the answer is ‘yes’ to both questions, then The Property Advisors are for you. You’re looking for property investment professionals with specialist expertise – in other words, The Property Advisors. Here’s how we’ll support your investment:

  • Source property that matches your budgets, your strategy and your asset management plan.
  • Help secure the best possible price that matches those criteria.
  • Help you to maximise the return on your investment.
  • Provide a tax-efficient exit strategy.

We offer a range of property investment services. You can choose from:


There can be spectacular opportunities for a wide variety of investors. We have an experienced and dedicated residential property team, whose sole focus is to deliver a variety of premium-quality investment opportunities to a broad spectrum …


Commercial property investment provides fantastic opportunities.  Our commercial property team is experienced and perfectly placed to deliver high-quality investment opportunities that will offer you significant income and capital growth potential …


We are the leading property investment and development land specialists.  We look after clients both in the UK and from overseas. Our land development and planning specialists have the know-how to open up investment opportunities with …

We’re ruthless in carefully checking each of our selected investment opportunities. Before presenting them to you, we carry out rigorous, independent checks and comprehensive due diligence. Our reputation means everything. It’s in our interests, as well as yours, to minimise any risks to your investment. Lets look in more detail at why The Property Advisors is the perfect match for you and your investment goals?

Ideal for first time investors

The Property Advisors investment service is perfect if you’re dipping your toe in the property investment pool for the very first time. Our experience, know-how and flexibility allow you to take a hands-off, hassle-free approach. You’ll relax in the knowledge that your investment, large or small, is in safe hands.

Perfect for experienced investors

Are you a sophisticated investor looking to expand your portfolio? Our processes will give you easy access to some of the UK’s most promising investment opportunities.

An attractive alternative to conventional investments

Are you a suitably qualified investor – a high net worth individual or a self-certified sophisticated investor? If so, The Property Advisors are for you. We’ll optimise your investment plans by delivering more attractive potential returns than are available from many traditional financial institutions. We’re also able to offer investment opportunities to “restricted investors”.

We’re determined to deliver premium UK property investment opportunities that are both high-yield, yet dependable.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with the property advisors:

  • Access to some of the UK’s most exciting property deals.
  • The chance to maximise numerous fantastic Return-On-Investment opportunities.
  • A totally professional, dedicated and dependable client-centred service.
  • Working via our extensive network of the UK property investors and professionals.
  • Expert investment opportunity analysis, helping you to invest in the right property, at the right price, at the right time.

Our mission

Our mission is to become the premier provider of UK property investment opportunities, for both individuals and companies. We help clients from around the world to invest effectively in the UK property sector. Using our specialist expertise and in-depth knowledge, we identify properties in key city locations that will deliver the best income potential, via both yield and capital growth. We are dedicated to delivering the highest possible return on our clients’ investments. We are also committed to the vision of sharing with our investment clients our passion for property. We aim to help them to gain as much pleasure from the world of property investment as we do.