There can be spectacular opportunities for a wide variety of investors. We have an experienced and dedicated residential property team, whose sole focus is to deliver a variety of premium-quality investment opportunities to a broad spectrum of investors.

Residential property investment

This form of property investment is ideal for first time buyers, small portfolio builders and anyone looking for long term Buy-to-Let (B2L) strategy. There are several options for investors who are looking for + 6% returns and regular income. Below you will find our most popular products from this category of property investment.

Buy to let

For many years now, the Buy-to-Let sector has provided rich pickings for investors – especially for those who are at the start of their investment journey. It’s also a favourable option for investors who prefer a low-risk step-by-step approach. In recent decades, the increase in the immigrant and student populations, alongside house prices soaring out of the reach of many people, has led to massive growth in the demand for rented property. There are no signs of this trend drawing to a close. Interestingly, some of the most successful residential property investments have occurred where the investor has done the spadework and rigorously researched the sector.


Highly profitable long-term investment

Generally speaking, Buy-to-Let investments have proved to be a highly profitable long-term strategy, providing excellent returns. For many, it’s the perfect balance between building a sound property portfolio and earning a regular income. Many investors, who set out on the buy-to-let path, find it the most satisfying of property investments, often allowing the investor to retire early and to leave something behind for loved-ones.

Here are the hard facts:


Without accounting for letting costs, the gross return on Buy-to-Let investment is typically between 7% and 10%. This is a conservative estimate.


Your rental income would typically be 130% of your monthly mortgage repayment – often more.

Are you on the investment threshold? Are you thinking of starting to build a buy-to-let portfolio? Perhaps you are already a Buy-to-Let property investor. Are you thinking of acquiring or disposing of buy-to-let property? Do you want to enhance the value of your existing property portfolio? If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then contact us today, even for a no-obligation discussion. We’d be delighted to help in any way we can.

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There are several methods by which the value of residential property can be increased significantly.
You’ll find the most popular below:

Property flipping

First of all – a definition. ‘Flipping’ happens when you buy a house, increase its value and make a profit – in brief, you buy low and sell high. The usual way to do this is to buy a property that’s, in some way, ‘distressed’. You carry out repairs, re-decorate and improve and replace the furnishings, before selling at a higher price. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a few improvements, which will make a significant impact on the eventual selling price. To maximise your Return-On-investment, you should aim to invest in a property that’s in a relatively poor state of repair and decoration, that needs work doing. Also, you’ll want to look for a property where you know the vendor isn’t in a position to hold out for the highest possible price. Vendors in a hurry are often the best partners. Maybe they’re in financial distress or perhaps the beneficiaries are in a rush to make a sale for tax related reasons.

Does property flipping appeal to you? It can be a great way to make a relatively quick profit (usually in a matter of months, rather than years). Find out more about this investment option. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion.
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This is another popular way of adding value. It could be by adding a kitchen, a conservatory, a dining area, a porch or off-road parking. The extension might be ground floor only or it might be on more than one level. Either way, check with us about the most cost-effective approach and about planning permission.


Taking a large property and splitting it into multiple homes or flats can be a really effective way of making a fast profit and adding considerable value.