Are you a high net-worth, professional and sophisticated investor? Is your goal to invest in large development projects that will give you high returns of 10% upwards? Do you represent a wealth management company? Or perhaps you favour a long-term Build-to-Let strategy. If any of these match your ambitions, then Major Investment Strategy is right for you.

A Long-term high return strategy for sophisticated investors

Large-scale major developments

For residential property, a major development is one where the number of residential units to be constructed is over 200. Sometimes, the number of units isn’t specified. In these cases, we would define the scale of the development in terms of the site area – specifically 4 hectares or more. For non-residential developments, we allocate the term ‘major’ all other uses a largescale major development is one where the floor space to be built is 10,000 square metres or more, or where the site area is 2 hectares or more. We would also apply the term ‘major development’ where the land is to be used for the winning and working of minerals and waste development.

Small-scale major developments

In the residential sector, we define a small-scale major development as one where the number of proposed residential units is between 10 and 199. Where the number of dwellings is unspecified, a site area between 0.5 hectare and 4 hectares would be defined as a small-scale major development. For non-residential developments, a small-scale major development is one with a floor area of between 1,000 square metres and 9,999 square metres, or where the site area is between 1 and 2 hectares.