Are you a qualified, professional investor? Are you aiming for sizeable investments that will give you high returns of 10% upwards? Do you represent a wealth management company? Or perhaps you favour a long-term Build-to-Let strategy. If any of these match what you’re looking for, then you should be considering UK land investment opportunities.

We specialise in guiding investors in the following areas:

  • Land purchase
  • New developments – Residential or Commercial
  • Demolition / Extension of existing property
  • Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), such as modular projects

We are the leading property investment and development land specialists. We look after clients both in the UK and from overseas. Our land development and planning specialists have the know-how to open up investment opportunities with significant growth potential. We work with property developers, experienced investors, property specialists and house builders, who understand the massive investment potential in purchasing development land. Land development investors don’t only benefit from significant investment gains and profit potential. They also relish the challenge of pushing the investment boundaries.

If you are a serious investor who wants to maximise your investment opportunities, increase your property portfolio and enjoy the intellectual challenge of land development investment, we would love to hear from you. Our unrivalled expertise and know-how mean we’re perfectly placed to guide and advise you.